FITLEGS Through Parent Company G&N Medical are Supplying PPE Products to keep yourself and others safe


Compression stockings are designed to provide pressure to the legs to help improve circulation and drainage; the pressure is created by weaving elastane into the construction of the stockings.

The unique construction of the weave in FITLEGS 2 allows us to vastly reduce the amount of elastane whilst still providing the amount of compression required.
This means that FITLEGS 2 are softer in use, making them more comfortable to wear, especially over long periods of time.


DUOFIT™ Technology

FITLEGS 2 feature our proprietary DUOFIT™ technology which provides four-way stretch in the material delivering the following benefits:

  • Easier application due to less elastane
  • Single ankle measurement reducing nursing time when measuring patients
  • Available in below knee, thigh length and tights
  • Fewer sizes are needed reducing inventory and confusion