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FITLEGS Everyday LIFE Compression Range

FITLEGS® Everyday

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FITLEGS® Everyday
FITLEGS® Everyday
FITLEGS® Everyday
FITLEGS® Everyday

If you’re active and always on-the-go, you need to be confident that your feet won’t let you down. FITLEGS® Everyday microfibre compression socks boost circulation in your feet and legs to make sure you stay comfortable, supported and confident to keep going all day long.

So, for the frequent flyers and flight attendants whose feet don’t touch the ground; for the nurses, doctors and teachers who never stop; for walkers, runners, shoppers, travellers and social butterflies FITLEGS® Everyday compression socks:

  • Help to regulate blood flow 
  • Have a comfortable, stretchable fabric that applies graduated compression to improve circulation and help to prevent painful, swollen ankles
  • The soft microfiber antibacterial fabric provides maximum comfort  
  • Ideal for use at work, while travelling or during pregnancy
  • Compression levels 14-17mmHg


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