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FITLEGS & G&N and Vascular Awareness Month

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Since the launch of the FITLEGS brand in 2016, we have been a proud division of G&N Medical, which is the market leader for anti-embolism compression stockings in the UK. At G&N we observed the amazing effect that our products had, helping and supporting people within a medical capacity. However, we realised that there was a lack of awareness around the subject of compression, we wanted to change the way the general public thinks about compression and help them to understand the amazing benefits that compression products can bring. It was for this reason that we have created and developed our retail range of compression products to give the same support and help to people in their everyday lives.

The Fitlegs products are made to the highest standard, using the same technology and expertise as G&N in the manufacturing and development of medical compression garments. We champion our affiliation with G&N and therefore onboarded the FITLEGS medical range to our www.fitlegs.com site, a great addition for those seeking a clinical solution in the form of compression.

Each product range has a different compression value specific to its intended use and with so many happy customers so far, we are constantly looking to introduce new products that offer value to our audience.

The FITLEGS Everyday & Life products are ranges of comfortable, microfiber socks that use graduated compression to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. This compression profile is proven to improve blood flow which helps to prevent tired, swollen, and aching legs. The features and benefits are:

–        Can be used as a flight sock to help with the prevention of DVT

–        Soft microfibre fabric is moisture-wicking & provides ultimate comfort while travelling or at work

–        Comfortable, stretchable fabric applies graduated compression to improve circulation and help to prevent tired, swollen, and aching legs & feet.

FITLEGS Sport is a comfortable and supportive sock that uses graduated compression to improve blood flow, helping you exercise for longer without tired and aching legs. The features and benefits are:

–        Range of colours to suit your mood

–        Shock-absorbing heel and toe area for maximum comfort

–        Padded areas at the calf and Achilles tendon for added protection

–        Knitted top and side offers cooling ventilation where you need it most

–        Comfortable top band to help prevent skin irritation

–        Ergonomic fit for Left and Right foot

FITLEGS AES (anti-embolism stockings) help to prevent the formation of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the legs by applying clinically proven graduated compression. FITLEGS AES is designed to be simple to fit, measure and apply, which reduces sizing errors and nursing time.

Over time we have started to increase the awareness around the benefits that compression socks bring to everyday life. We continue to strive in reaching all our audiences to ensure the normality of achy/sore legs is no longer accepted and that there is an increased awareness of compression socks as a solution to this common problem. So, please help us on our educational journey and use the hashtag #fitlegseverydaylife on your social media posts so that we can continue to help others. 

FITLEGS and G&N would also like to participate with Circulation Foundation this September for Vascular awareness month. September is Vascular Awareness Month and the Circulation Foundation’s #TheBodyWalk is a national campaign to raise awareness of vascular disease and for raising imperative funding. As our FITLEGS compression sock can be an effective treatment for vascular conditions, like varicose veins or chronic vascular disease, they can help relieve symptoms and improve blood flow to your legs.

We are hoping that everyone can get involved in helping us to raise funds, supporting patients to live their best lives whilst having to cope with serious circulatory diseases. Although vascular diseases affect 40% of the population, they are not well known by most people. The Circulation Foundation is aiming to raise awareness of these diseases by asking the entire Vascular Community and beyond to join in to walk the 60,000 miles of the Circulatory System.

#TheBodyWalk started last year in 2020, and even with national lockdown, we still managed to achieve over 4,500 miles towards our goal and raise £7,000!

If you can walk, run, cycle and/or swim, you can get involved!

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