How do I choose the right size?

When choosing the size of the stocking, start off by using your shoe size. However, it is important to check that your shoe size fits within the ankle measurements. If unsure, please consult your healthcare professional.

Do I need a prescription?

Ready to wear and standard off the shelf compression garments do not require a prescription.

FITLEGS® Everyday and FITLEGS® Sport

Is there a reason why I should not wear compression stockings?*

Cautions of use (medical conditions in which compression is not recommended):

Do not use this product if you suffer from:

  • Serious circulatory problems
  • Leg swelling due to heart problems
  • Infection of the leg/phlebitis
  • Diabetes
  • Problems with nerves in the legs and feet leading to decreased sensation
  • Open leg sores below the knee
  • Peripheral neuropathy

Please consult your doctor if you have any of these conditions:

  • Those who have blood clots already/have family history of blood clots
  • Those suffering from or have had treatment for cancer
  • Certain blood diseases
  • Treatment for heart failure or circulation problems
  • Recent surgery especially on the hips or knees
  • Those who have an inherited clotting tendency

* Data on file. Please contact us for more information