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Many of our sport range were sent to different individuals who mostly are activities individuals by having gym workouts, training or just their everyday runs. Below you can read their experiences and thoughts on our everyday range after wearing them for a period of time.

@fitlegseverydaylife kindly gifted me these sport compression socks a few months ago!

The compression level used helps to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, allowing you to exercise harder, longer and be able to recover faster.

They also have compression socks for travel, medical and much more.

As promised my review for the @fitlegseverydaylife compression socks that were #gifted to me by Sarah (Who I think is a seer because how did she know I was looking for compression socks🤷🏻‍♂️)‼️

I’ve heard great things about compression socks for runners and how they help with blood flow and recovery. I have to say these were bloody marvellous and worked a treat.

Yesterday I tested them on my furthest run so far this year (15 miles) in preparation for the Brighton Marathon.

I smashed a few PB’s and did not have any discomfort in my legs at all even my ankle which often plays up felt well supported.

Now the best bit… after a long run like this I will normally suffer bad doms and walk like John Wayne… but nothing. In fact, if I wasn’t so busy today, I could have gone for another run.

Very happy with them and recommend everyone checks them out at ➡️ @fitlegseverydaylife

Right let’s talk socks! Firstly, how hard is it to take a decent picture of socks?? It’s really hard! 🤣

So I was kindly gifted these compression socks from the lovely Sarah at @fitlegseverydaylife

If you know me then you know I have always worn compression socks or sleeves as I suffer massively from tight calves. Not just during a run but they are usually worse the day after.

I tried these on two separate sessions as wanted to get the best feel for them. The first was my long run at the weekend. Towards the end of my run my calves start to ache/feel tight as I get more and more tired. I didn’t feel any of the usual pains and my legs felt really compressed and supported. Again, I usually feel tightness the next day and get out of bed suddenly being unable to walk and it was bliss to get up like I hadn’t ran 17 miles the day before!

Fast forward to today and I had a hill rep session which again I feel in my calves, and they felt amazing.

They were snug but not too tight and felt comfortable under foot. Also, they tied in nicely with what I was wearing as I was in all black and pink! 😉

All in all a huge thumbs up for me and they will be a firm staple for me during my ultra-training! Thank you @fitlegseverydaylife

Taking some new sports compression socks for a spin around the block!

The lovely people at @fitlegseverydaylife were really kind and sent me a pair to try, and to leave my honest review on here.

These are compression socks for increasing endurance and reducing muscle fatigue, so right up my street.

I admit, wearing them for a short 4 mile road run won’t really put them to the test, but my first impressions are great. I will wear them for some longer runs next and see how they go, but for now: They are very comfy, really well made, mid thickness- which is great as most compression socks I’ve worn are really thin which require another pair of socks to stop my trainers slipping. The socks aren’t too long (being 5’7” can mean some long socks go up to behind my knee which is really annoying), didn’t slip down at all, nice and warm (it’s currently 7degC) and as far as sports compression socks go, they’re not bad looking socks!

The only slight criticism that’s not even a biggie, is that they could do with some reflective additions to the design. I plan to wear compression socks on long runs and quite often early hours or later in the evening, so added visibility is always good.
Thanks again @fitlegseverydaylife!

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